June 1st race report


Missing a couple of drivers this race.  Chris Meeres who had to work out of town and will also miss next race and Brad Grant from Campbell River didn’t make it down.

All our race events ran well with no incidents.  Constantine had to pit on lap 17 with a motor issue.

An 8-car count this race - 25 lap Main Event.

FAST TIME:  Alex Mouner 18.625


04 Bailey Meeres, 51 Jason Day, 29 Caleb Van Bree, 96 Alex Mouner.

Crossing the start line, Young Bailey and Day were neck and neck.  Coming out of turn 2, Young Bailey pulled ahead.  Van Bree ran up the inside and passed Day for second and Mouner followed behind.  Young Bailey aced the Dash.

(Finish:  04, 29, 96, 51.)


22 Stu Ferguson, 5 Austin Cockerill, 04 Bailey Meeres, 51 Jason Day, 29 Caleb Van Bree, 

96 Alex Mouner, 72 Cory Meeres®, 28 Sean Constantine.

As they started off, the pack stayed fairly tight.  Ferguson took a bit of a lead and Cockerill was staying with him.  Ferguson gains the lead and Cockerill drops to second.  The rest are side-by-side behind.  Day pulls away from Young Bailey and is attempting to pass Cockerill on the outside.  Day now neck and neck with Cockerill makes the pass.  Van Bree tucks in behind Day and follows him through.  Day has caught Ferguson, but Ferguson manages to just stay ahead of Day and wins the Heat.

(Finish:  22, 51, 29, 5, 96, 04, 72, 28.)


22 Stu Ferguson, 5 Austin Cockerill, 04 Bailey Meeres, 51 Jason Day, 29 Caleb Van Bree, 

96 Alex Mouner, 72 Cory Meeres®, 28 Sean Constantine.

Ferguson leads the way as they take the green.  As in the Heat, a tight pack side-by-side behind.  Young Bailey and Cockerill battling for second, while Van Bree and Day are right there waiting to make their move.  Young Bailey passes Cockerill, Van Bree passes Cockerill.  Meeres passes also and Day crosses to the inside and follows Meeres through.  The pack is still fairly close together.  Mouner pulls in behind Day on the inside.  Ferguson is still in the lead and is trying to hold off Van Bree and Young Bailey.  A couple of laps go by and Van Bree now has the lead.  Mouner is now making an attempt to pass cars on the outside.  Ferguson is holding second.  Constantine giving that Toyota a run and passes Cockerill.  Mouner takes the inside and passes Day and is catching Young Bailey and passes him for third.  Day passes Young Bailey and is challenging Mouner for third.  Oh no, Constantine is pitting in a cloud of smoke (lap 17).  Day passes Mouner for third.  Mouner has caught back up to Day and makes an attempt to pass on the outside.  Cockerill spins around in turn 4 but keeps it together and no yellow is thrown.  Day gets up beside Ferguson and almost has him, but Ferguson thinking, “I don’t think so”, and pulls ahead.  Day not giving up, dogs Ferguson hoping he’ll make a mistake.  Mouner is right there waiting for an opening.  Day finally makes the pass on Ferguson and so does Mouner.  Van Bree with a comfortable lead claims the Main event win.  A nice ending for the night, after be involved in an incident last race.

(Finish:  29, 51, 96, 22, 72, 04, 5, 28.)

Nice Main Event Drivers!

NEXT RACE:  Saturday, June 29th at Western Speedway

UPDATE JUNE 5:- Grant says he found out Friday when loading his car that he has to change the tranny and the starter was hooped - couldn’t get parts for a new one.  But says he will be down for the June 29th race.

Constantine working on motor - will have to change top end or maybe complete motor.  Says #1 piston has a hole in it and looks like too lean on the rest.  At least have some time to do repairs and check out the gremlins…