race report




This year we see three Meeres family members racing in the Island Outlaw 4’s.  Cory Meeres, Bailey Meeres and Chris Meeres.  Cory is Bailey’s Dad and brother to Chris Meeres.  Austin Cockerill bought back his blue truck and is eager to race again.  Our “Prez”, Stu Ferguson bought Jeremy Waksel’s 77 which he revamped and is back to race.  Cory Meeres bought Ryan Patterson’s 2 car and is going to give racing a shot.  A new driver from up-Island will be joining the Outlaws, Brad Grant who bought Lois Pollard-Grant’s car.

ROOKIES THIS SEASON:  Cory Meeres 72, Chris Meeres 69, Brad Grant 8, and possibly Ian Walker 67.

An 8-car count this race.

FAST TIME:  Cory Meeres® 18.721 – guess he gave it a shot!!!


22 Stu Ferguson, 51 Jason Day, 04 Bailey Meeres, 72 Cory Meeres®.

Ferguson leads off, but Day catches him out of turn 2 and shoots ahead with Cory Meeres in tow.  Ferguson driving hard to regain the lead, but soon pits due to loss of power.  Young Bailey pulls in behind “Dad”.  Day stays in front and takes the win.  (Finish:  51, 72, 04, 22.)


29 Caleb Van Bree, 96 Alex Mouner, 22 Stu Ferguson, 51 Jason Day, 04 Bailey Meeres,

72 Cory Meeres®, 5 Austin Cockerill, 69 Chris Meeres®.

Van Bree and Mouner in front row but at the end of first lap, Mouner takes the lead and starts to gain a bit of distance on Van Bree and Ferguson.  Ferguson pulls in front of Van Bree and then Young Bailey passes Van Bree shortly thereafter and sets his sites on Ferguson.  After a couple of laps, Young Bailey passes Ferguson for second.  Just not enough laps left to catch Mouner who claims first.

(Finish:  96, 04, 22, 51, 72, 29, 5, 69.)


29 Caleb Van Bree, 96 Alex Mouner, 22 Stu Ferguson, 51 Jason Day, 04 Bailey Meeres,

72 Cory Meeres®, 5 Austin Cockerill, 69 Chris Meeres®.

Van Bree takes the lead at the start and as they round turn 4, Young Bailey gets into Day and spins him leaving Day with a flat, and forcing Cockerill to take a ride through the grass, but comes out okay.  The Meeres brothers drive wide to avoid the spin.  Yellow is out - at the “cone” restart, Cockerill positions himself well in third spot.  Race resumes with Van Brae and Mouner leading.  Van Bree takes the lead leaving Mouner to battle with Ferguson for second.  Ferguson is slowly passing Mouner and takes second spot.  Mouner pulls behind Ferguson and stays with him.  Cory is now on Mouner’s bumper and Young Bailey is gaining on “Dad” fast, but needs to be patient.  Van Bree still holding off Ferguson who is trying to pass on the inside.  OH MY GOSH… looked like Rookie Meeres turned down in front of Van Bree.  Van Bree had nowhere to go and slams hard into Meeres, with Ferguson crashing into Van Bree.  Van Bree and Ferguson are okay.  But Meeres will be very sore for a few days after that hit.  Meeres and Van Bree are done for the night, Ferguson makes it back out.  Resuming the Main, Mouner is leading while young Bailey is passing his Dad for second...hmmmm.  As Bailey catches Mouner, he now is challenging him for the number one spot.  He passes him…but Mouner pulls up on the inside of Bailey but can’t complete the pass.  And now, Cory is moving in on Mouner leaving Ferguson and Day behind.  Bailey manages a comfortable lead.  Cory is dogging Mouner and makes the pass next lap.  Now it’s son and father…Oh Yeah!  Bailey has a big lead and no one can catch him.  I’m sure he’s gripping the wheel so tight he can’t breathe.  Mouner is only a car and a half length behind Cory but is unable to gain on him.  Young Bailey Meeres takes the first Main Event for the Island Outlaw 4’s.  Congrats Bailey!  (Finish:  04, 72, 96, 22, 51, 5. 29, 69.)

NEXT RACE:  Saturday, May 18 at Western Speedway

UPDATE April 30th:- Apparently Van Bree’s 29 and Meeres’ 69 will be back for the next race.  Chris says he is back at work and doing pretty good health wise.

We’re going to see Sean Constantine back racing.  The C&C Racing Team bought Eric Beech’s car.

If Brad Grant and Daryl Cahill, our two Up-Island drivers, make it to the May 18th race, we should have an 11-car count.

Written by Sharron Constantine