For a holiday weekend, there were a lot of fans out to watch racing at Western last night.  The Island Outlaw 4's put on a great show. 10 was our car count - super.  Hope to see one or two more out for the June 1st race.  Congratulations to Austin Cockerill who broke into the 18's in qualifying. Was he stoked, or was he stoked!  Welcome to Brad Grant from Campbell River, our newest member.  Good to see Chris Meeres back in the driver’s seat after his bad crash last race.

A 10-car count this race - 25 laps for the Main Event.

FAST TIME:  Alex Mouner 18.610


72 Cory Meeres®, 51 Jason Day, 04 Bailey Meeres, Alex Mouner 96.

Meeres stepped out in front right away and that’s how it stayed for all 4 laps.  Young Bailey caught up, then gave all he could coming to the finish and was up to his Dad’s rear quarter going across the stripe.

(Finish:  72, 04, 96, 51.)


22 Stu Ferguson, 5 Austin Cockerill, 29 Caleb Van Bree, 51 Jason Day, 04 Bailey Meeres,

96 Alex Mouner, 72 Cory Meeres®, 08 Brad Grant®, 69 Chris Meeres®, 28 Sean Constantine.

As they leave the line, Cockerill challenges Ferguson right away.  They are neck and neck going down the back stretch.  Ferguson gains the lead and Van Bree is close behind.  Cockerill pulls in behind Van Bree and is right on his bumper.  Day and Young Bailey are fast getting up to the three front cars.  Van Bree is now making a move to the outside of Ferguson and Day to the outside of Cockerill.  They stay like that for a couple of laps.  Day passes Cockerill and is following Van Bree through on the outside.  Van Bree takes the lead out of turn two and Day is side by side with Ferguson.  Cockerill still hanging in there.  Ferguson pushing a bit gives Day the break he needs to pass, and he does.  Day is riding Van Bree’s bumper trying to make a pass.  Mouner is catching Cockerill and Young Bailey comes up alongside Mouner but can’t make the pass and has to drop back.  Mouner passes Cockerill for fourth.  Last lap, Day makes the pass on Ferguson coming to the line and takes second.  Van Bree takes the win.

(Finish:  29, 51, 22, 96, 5, 04, 72, 08, 28, 69.)


22 Stu Ferguson, 5 Austin Cockerill, 29 Caleb Van Bree, 51 Jason Day, 04 Bailey Meeres,

96 Alex Mouner, 72 Cory Meeres®, 08 Brad Grant®, 69 Chris Meeres®, 28 Sean Constantine.

Off the line, its Ferguson, Cockerill and Van Bree.  Day, Young Bailey and Mouner are right there and are looking for an opening.  Around they go for several laps with Van Bree trying to pass Ferguson on the outside.   Finally he makes the pass.  Cockerill still sticking to Ferguson like glue for third.  Day now coming alongside Cockerill hoping to take third.  But Cockerill is doing a great job holding off Day.  But after four laps, Day makes the pass for third and Cockerill has to settle for fourth.  Day has caught up to Ferguson and is looking on the inside to pass for second.  Three laps later, Day makes the pass on Ferguson for second.  Now Day has Van Bree in his front windshield.  Constantine has pitted…hmmm…  Meanwhile, Mouner catches Cockerill and passes him for fourth.  Day is all over Van Bree’s back bumper, and is looking to the inside to make his pass.  Several laps go by like this.  Now Day is trying the outside line to pass Van Bree.  Meanwhile, Mouner is catching Ferguson and Meeres has passed Cockerill for fifth.  Mouner passes Ferguson for third.  Van Bree still holding onto the lead with Day determined to take away the lead.  Last lap, oh, oh…!!!  Day and Van Bree crash coming out of turn three.  Around goes Van Bree.  Day is able to make it to the checkered for fourth, with Mouner winning and Ferguson claiming second.  Damage to the rad and front mounts on Day’s car and body work to be done on Van Bree’s car.  Overall, a great Main event.  First race out this season, our newest Rookie Brad Grant and former club champion Sean Constantine were testing their new cars looking at changes that may need to be made for the June 1st race.  Grant getting used to driving Western’s oval.

Sean says, adjustments tonight after each time on track made the car better each time back out.  Had our fastest lap of the night in the main event at 19.13 ... big gains for small adjustments.  Unfortunately, just past the halfway point of the main, the rear gear let go and the car was parked for the remainder of the race.

Brad says he had a great time and is looking forward to the next race.

(Finish:  96, 22, 72, 51, 04, 5, 08, 29, 69, 28.)

NEXT RACE:  Saturday, June 1st at Western Speedway

UPDATE May 27th:- Good news.  Van Bree, Day and Constantine will be out for the June 1st race.

Exciting  Racing  Drivers!