Race report



 Our newest rookie, 11 year old Brodie Meeres makes his debut today

in the #43 car with the Island Outlaw 4’s.

 Chris Meeres takes off his rookie stripes.

CAR COUNT: 8 cars this race

FAST TIME: Alex Mouner 18.704


Start – 22-Stu Ferguson, 51-Jason Day, 04-Bailey Meeres, 96-Alex Mouner.

Ferguson and Day side-by-side all the way around to turn 4, then Ferguson shoots

ahead and Mouner pulls in behind. Day tries to pass on the outside but is unable to stay

with the front two. Now they run nose-to-tail for one lap, then Mouner tries the inside

to pass Ferguson but Ferguson says no way and wins the Dash.

(Finish: 22, 96, 51, 04.)


Start – 5-Austin Cockerill, 22-Stu Ferguson, 51 Jason Day, 04 Bailey Meeres,

69 Chris Meeres, 96 Alex Mouner, 43® Brodie Meeres.

Taking the green, Cockerill and Ferguson are side-by-side. Coming out of turn 2, Ferguson pulls

ahead. Mouner and Day sandwich Cockerill but Mouner manages to pass on the inside.

Cockerill not making it easy for Day who eventually passes him on the outside getting a little

loose going into turn 2. Young Bailey has now caught up to Cockerill and passes him on the

outside. Young Brodie stays with the pack, not losing too much ground. Meanwhile, Mouner has

caught up to Ferguson and attempts to pass on the inside. Another half lap and he makes the

pass. Mouner takes the win.

(Finish: 96, 22, 51, 04, 5, 43®, 69.)


Start – 5-Austin Cockerill, 22-Stu Ferguson, 51 Jason Day, 04 Bailey Meeres,

96 Alex Mouner, 69 Chris Meeres, 43® Brodie Meeres.

As they come to the line, Ferguson shoots out pass Cockerill, but Cockerill stays with him. Day

attempts to pass Cockerill on the inside but ends up spinning him out and is caught up himself,

causing Mouner and Meeres to drive up onto the grass on the inside to miss the two cars. On

the restart, Ferguson again takes the lead, with Mouner and Young Bailey right there. Mouner

gives Ferguson a little nudge going into turn 3. On the front stretch, Mouner tries passing

Ferguson on the inside and spins him out. Young Bailey forced to move to the outside to miss

the mayhem, and Young Brodie can’t get it turned enough in time and just slightly hits the wall

in turn 1. Ferguson is not a happy camper! On the restart, its Young Bailey and Day and Young

Bailey scoops the lead. Cockerill has third and Mouner fourth. Mouner passes Cockerill on the

outside for third. Ferguson is now challenging Cockerill for fourth. Meanwhile Young Brodie has

caught Ferguson and is dogging his bumper. Oh, did he just give Ferguson a nudge…?

Meanwhile, Young Bailey is leading, Mouner second and Day third. Ferguson pushes Cockerill

through the apex of turn 3 and 4, and next lap nudges him a couple of times. A couple of laps

later, Day spins coming out of turn 4, then Mouner spins going into turn 2. Apparently there

was oil on the track from another car. Young Bailey takes the chequered flag! Cockerill second,

Ferguson third and Young Brodie fourth. Mouner rounds out the top five.

(Finish: 04, 5, 22, 02, 43®, 96, 51, 69.)

Exciting Main.

NEXT RACE: Saturday, August 31 st at Western Speedway

HAVE A CHUCKLE . . . (author unknown)

When you do squats, are your knees supposed to sound like

a goat chewing on an aluminum can stuffed with celery?


Sean Constantine – repairing rear gears, checking drive shaft and trans.